Meeting a Tight Case Deadline – A Case Study


Envision Discovery received a frantic call from a client that had received 14 large banker boxes of documents and a 20 GB hard drive of email data from their corporate client that needed to be reviewed and produced by the end of the following week.



We quickly arranged to have the documents picked up from the law firm to begin the scanning process. Envision also talked with the legal team about keywords, date filters and de-duplication methods to reduce the overall population of the emails that needed to be reviewed.


After filtering, Envision also recommended utilizing text analytics for email threading to maximize the efficiency of the review. Envision quickly processed the data and loaded the data into Relativity, Envision’s web based platform for document review. Envision then scheduled a database set up call and training via WebEx on a Saturday so the attorneys could begin their review over the weekend.


With an hour of training the attorneys, many of whom had never used a database, were off and running on the email review. The paper documents were soon added to the database for review and the entire review was completed in 5 days.


The non-privileged documents tagged by the attorneys for responsiveness were then converted to tiff and bates numbered by Envision’s technical team for production. When completed, the documents were loaded to a secure FTP site to produce to opposing counsel and the legal team met their deadline.

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