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The exponential growth of electronically stored information (ESI) and the amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have significantly increased the complexity of the discovery process. You need an experienced partner you trust to help you handle the increasing demands of the litigation process.

Envision Discovery provides the technical expertise, the latest tools, and the strict quality control procedures required to help you successfully navigate your electronic discovery matter, from the Identification stage of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, all the way through to Production.

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I have worked with the Envision crew on many cases over the past five years, and I’m always impressed at their level of expertise, responsiveness, and their dedication to meeting my needs and that of my clients. They’re always accessible, and ready to offer any assistance necessary to help keep my projects on track.

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Envision Discovery’s services go beyond processing large data sets and hitting production deadlines. We provide consulting services to law firms and corporate counsel in the early stages of an investigation or eDiscovery, thereby ensuring that clients are discharging their legal duties, finding and preserving responsive data and managing the process efficiently and cost-effectively. Our team of experts includes IT professionals, attorneys, network engineers, computer forensic professionals, search methodology experts, document review specialists and 30(b)(6) testifying experts to assist you through all phases of your matter. The biggest mistake clients often make is failing to bring in experts early – the result is often the loss of data and higher costs. The sooner you retain an expert, the better off you’ll be. Too often, experts are called in when the client is knee deep in quicksand. The job of the expert is to avoid crises through careful management. Always, the goal is to reduce the volume of data in order to reduce costs, particularly reviewing costs which are always the most expensive part of eDiscovery.


Our certified forensic professionals perform a full suite of services from ESI collection to forensic analysis, back-up tape restoration and expert testimony - locally and across the country. When you receive an electronic discovery request, you need the ability to identify, preserve, and collect all potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) from all sources in a legally defensible and forensically sound way. Searching for and recovering existing or deleted data on computers, servers, CDs, DVDs, cell phones and other data storage devices, is as much an art as it is a science. Let our highly certified and experienced computer forensic technologists help. Our forensics experts hold the most prestigious certifications available to private firms – either the EnCE (EnCase Certified Examiner), issued by Guidance Software, and/or the CCE (Certified Computer Examiner), issued by The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (ISFCE). These experts are proven, having been qualified as experts in numerous computer forensics cases and having testified in a variety of state, federal and military court systems. We will work closely with you to understand what data needs to be preserved, the best and most cost-effective methods for collection, and the best course of action to undertake to meet the client’s eDiscovery goals and timelines.


When facing a discovery request, you need a partner that can quickly and accurately process an electronic data set into a reviewable form. The principal objective of electronic discovery processing is to prepare relevant files for efficient, expedient and cost-effective review, production and subsequent use while ensuring that the techniques and processes used are transparent and defensible with respect to your legal obligations. Whether your case involves five gigabytes or five terabytes, Envision Discovery's integrated technology and expertise enables the creation and execution of a processing methodology for virtually any requirement, media format, or software type. We leverage the latest technology available combining it with our experience and expertise. Our Director of eDiscovery and our team of technicians are experienced in processing data. Their depth of experience allows us to handle the wide range of challenges so often presented by electronic data processing. We have the ability to customize each project based on the specific needs of the case.

Early Case Assessment

Envision Discovery offers early case assessment technology options to our clients, significantly streamlining the review process and enabling clients to better manage their own document searches. We’ve put attorneys back in the driver's seat by enabling attorneys to view and conduct their own iterative searches and develop optimum search criteria for identifying relevant documents. This is all done through our secure, web-based platform. This process decreases the number of documents that need to be reviewed and reduces the volume of data that must be fully processed, thereby allowing for cost containment and predictable budgeting. This is especially helpful on larger legal matters, given that the review stage accounts for nearly 60% of the total eDiscovery project cost. Large datasets can be ready in seconds, instead of days, giving attorneys and litigation support staff access to sophisticated document analytics quickly.


Envision Discovery is a Consulting Partner and provider for Relativity, kCura’s web-based platform for the review, analysis, and production of electronic data. Recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner Group’s eDiscovery Magic Quadrant, it has more than 120,000 active users worldwide from organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice and 95 of the top 100 law firms in the United States. Relativity combines a flexible review platform with the Relativity Analytics to provide concept search, identification of contextually similar documents, keyword sampling, and language identification. This robust, flexible linear review tool lets you add batches of documents without interrupting the workflow and customize the interface based on roles and permissions. This is coupled with these other benefits: Painless Review: Envision’s team has been managing document reviews since 2003 and has a deep understanding of the complex needs of legal review teams. Our collective experience helps clients avoid costly landmines, stay on track, and customize review workflow for optimal review performance. The result is a smooth, painless review that’s on time and on budget. Security: All hosted data is stored at LexisNexis Corporation’s state of the art Global Data Center in Dayton, OH, which means your information is safe, secure, and available at all times. • This facility is SSAE 16 and Safe Harbor certified. • Guard staff is on-site at all times. • The building has all-day, every-day digital video surveillance. • Biometric screening provides an additional level of protection. Responsiveness: Each of Envision’s clients gets their own dedicated Project Manager, with many years of relevant law firm and vendor experience, to assist them with every request.

Managed Review

Envision has partnered with Inspired Review to offer industry leading managed attorney review services. Together with Inspired Review, we offer some of the most flexible approaches to Managed Review pricing in the industry. We are experts at delivering efficiency and value to the client. We tailor the review and pricing structure to suit the needs of each client. By using standardized and highly developed quality control (QC) process templates on each review, we are able to build a repeatable, defensible, and customized product and process. While the industry has continued on its “race to the bottom,” we differentiate ourselves in the approach we take in compensating our reviewers. We get the top performers interested in working in our model through revenue sharing where their average hourly rate depends upon their ability to review documents efficiently and accurately. By doing so, we allow the reviewer to share in the reward of performing efficiently on a fixed price review.

The current practice for the document review/staffing industry is to lower bill rates to clients by lowering the pay rates of the document reviewers. We have found other ways to lower costs by increasing productivity and efficiency. At Inspired Review, the fixed price model allows us to drive cost savings to the client by using the most efficient and productive reviewers while paying them at above market rates and retaining happy and motivated employees. In the current marketplace, we are seeing that clients are spending between $1.00 and $1.45 per document on document reviews when they are billed on an hourly basis (taking into account for second level review, QC, and review management). To determine how much your reviews have cost you in the past, take the total spend on a document review and divide it by the total number of docs that were reviewed. This will give you the price per doc that you spent using the hourly model. We have a number of different options on the menu that drive costs to our client below the competition.

For clients that already have a strong second level/QC process in place and do not need our Review Management, we offer the First Pass Review (FPR) offering. This is equivalent or better than what the industry calls “Managed Review,” however we offer it on a fixed price per document basis. The amount of included QC we perform with this offering is typically still more than most hourly shops (10-20%). We perform less QC than our full Managed Review offering and pass the savings onto the client. For clients that want or require us to provide a production ready product, we have our full Managed Review offering. Included in this service are QC, Review Management, and use of our facilities (including reviewer amenities and workstations). Our statistically validated QC process is designed to not only find and fix errors in the review, but to give you the peace of mind that what we deliver to you is truly a production ready product. We perform more QC (between 30%-40% total QC) and more types of QC (batch QC, search based QC, and statistical QC) than any other managed review company.


When you’re facing a document production deadline, you need a partner that can accurately and completely deliver responsive documents in the agreed format on time, every time. Envision provides production including TIFFs, Native files, Online Electronic Database review files in either TIFF or Native format and hard copy output. We can provide load files for all third party review platforms. Envision uses strict quality control procedures to ensure that the correct evidence is being produced to the correct party, thereby carefully protecting privileged information. Envision also offers quick turnaround, as many productions are time sensitive. Our facility operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that we can meet your production deadlines.

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